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“A copy of Jailbreaking the Goddess went into the library at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility today. The librarian was super excited to receive it. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of women will see it and read it. Many will want to own it. I am continuing to read it and am deeply impressed, still. <3

Melise, an Amazon Reader Review

From Melise, at Amazon:
Reading Jailbreaking the Goddess was like reconnecting with a long-lost friend. Every few paragraphs I found myself saying “Yes! She gets it!” or “Of course! That makes perfect sense!” The questions Lasara poses are challenging, because they require us to look deeply at our own spiritual practices and see if we are honoring or appropriating with our religious practices; if we are helping others for our own spiritual and political gain or because we are working towards a common goal.

Another Reader Review at Amazon

Reader review at Amazon:

This book was one that caught my eye at my local bookstore. I’d been looking for something, I had a gut feeling that I might get lucky. I wasn’t wrong, I tell you, when I discovered Jailbreaking The Goddess. I devoured the book whole in only a few days’ time. I found the perspective on the faces of the divine feminine, the Goddess aspects, to be more relatable than the Mother-Maiden-Crone model. It’s refreshing to read some rejuvenating words on aspects of divine femininity that are often overlooked. I resonated so wonderfully with Femella’s archetype, the Divine Girl Child, finding her so sacred to me where I’d felt a small rift before. This book is healing and revolutionary, with plenty of activities to stimulate deep meditations on the five aspects of divine feminine.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is exploring their spirituality, especially those wanting to discover and define their divine feminine, their inner Goddess energy. This book is worth your time.

– Amazon reader review

Railenthe Zeal at Good Reads

Railenthe Zeal, at GoodReads:

And for the first time in a long time, She began to feel real to me again.

As a non-binary person of color, this was a very important realization. Far too many interpretations of the Goddess and goddess spirituality take a strange, alienating stance on the transgender and gender-nonconforming, but not this goddess. In fact, a strong point is made on this, as after the examinations of the faces, the work on decolonizing and rewilding begins, with a focus on taking things back from the toxic influences that have had a hold on them for so many years—and yes, this includes the patriarchy (#smashpatriarchy). Exclusion has no place with the Goddess, and here we see that she can welcome and hold all, no matter where they stand in life and what they have to do. To feel welcomed again was phenomenal, a welcome change from what had happened.

–Railenthe Zeal, at GoodReads

Jenya Turner Beachy, at Good Reads

Jenya T. Beachy:

Yes and more yes to this new model, which moves us out of the expectation of conformation to outdated cultural norms. One of the things I love most about this book is how it allows for other forms to exist within it (and you!) It’s an opening of possibility for all women to re-divine all parts of ourselves. Blessings on this beautiful book! May it grace many, many bookshelves all over the world!

Jenya T. Beachy, at GoodReads

Facing North - An Excerpt

Facing North:

To say this book is life changing does not fully encompass how truly liberating this book will be for many, many women. To say it is groundbreaking does not encompass the true revolutionary nature of it. To say that it is divine does not at all express that it was written by a woman who saw a need and met it. There truly is nothing I can say that will be fully appropriate for this book, so I will say only this: everyone who identifies as female, as a woman, really, truly, needs to read Jailbreaking The Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen.

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Broad Way World - An Excerpt

Broadway World:

Using a model that promises to turn traditional feminist scholarship on its head, Lasara Firefox Allen rejects the archetypal divinity systems that are tied to female biology and physical stages of life. The fivefold model presented by Allen welcomes all women, regardless of biology and liberates the female experience from the shackles of the reproductive model. This fivefold model is a new system that embraces the powerful, diverse, and fluid nature of the lived experience of women today.

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The Guardian Bookshop - An Excerpt

The Guardian Bookshop:

A feminist spirituality book that is inclusive of intersex, transgender, and other women who cannot or do not procreate.

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The Week in Heresy, Rev. Gina Pond - An Excerpt

This Week in Heresy:

If you are looking for a new way to look at cycle of the Goddess, or looking for a more inclusive Goddess spirituality, you should get this book.

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The Fat Feminist Witch Book Review of Shadows - Jailbreaking the Goddess


Here it is, y’all- my review of Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen.

Some of you may remember my podcast episode titled Not every Goddess has a Sacred Womb in which I discussed how left out I felt by the focus on biology in relation to the sacred feminine/goddess in most modern pagan spirituality. Even though spaces like red tents and my own doula education once were helpful in helping me connect with and see the beauty in my own body, those same spaces and ideas have now created a divide between me and other pagan women and witches. A few days after I posted the episode I was flipping through a Llewellyn catalog I had taken home from work and there it was – Jailbreaking the Goddess. I actually screamed when I read the description.


Book Review of Shadows: Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen

Medusa Coils

Wow! is my first reaction to this extraordinary book. As I settle down to try to contain my excitement, I will attempt to tell you the reasons for my reaction. For starters, Lasara Firefox Allen not only revisions Goddess “faces” (aka, aspects or archetypes), but she also brings into her analysis, the feminist theory of intersectionality . She deconstructs what has become the traditional Goddess archetype in modern Goddess religion and Paganism of Maiden/Mother/Crone, because, as she writes on the first page of the first chapter, “We are more than our biology.” She points out that the triple Goddess concept is rooted in patriarchy…

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Goddess Diaries Review with Dawn Champine

I had a great time interviewing Lasara Firefox Allen, author of “Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality” over on the podcast last month, and as promised, here is the book review!