The Crew

HannaHannah Jay Pierce (Launch Strategist) lives in Santa Cruz, California, the Second Witchiest town in America, in a little green bungalow on a postage stamp lot, with her husband Damien, her dog Cody, and Cody’s dog Wilder, as well as a nesting pair of scrub-jays who rule the roost. A sizable piece of her heart lives in LA with her wonderful daughter Skye, and another healthy chunk resides in her magical home state of Maine. Hannah is an English teacher and a writer. She has published a number of educational books as Hannah Jones, as well as essays and articles on a variety of subjects, including education, travel, domestic life, and the environment. Hannah has finished drafting her first novel, Hero Green, and is looking for a publisher.

Elaina5IrinaXara (Social Media Manager) is excited to be joining the Jailbreaking the Goddess campaign from Los Angeles. In addition to being a writer, social media specialist and proofreader, she is also a professional tarot card reader and energy worker. Additionally, she has been a passionate performer and student of Middle Eastern dance, various folkdance styles and Middle Eastern percussion for several years.


Marjorie Coffey (Community Outreach Facilitator) is an Irish polytheist with a BA in philosophy of religion and an MSc in contemporary religious studies from the University of Edinburgh.  Her time is currently focused on social work and developing a network of interfaith spiritual support for polytheist survivors of domestic violence and abuse.  She is also a member of the Polytheist Death Guild and an avid fan of anything canine.

amyAmy Shao (Personal Assistant) is a jack-of-all-trades professional with 17+ years experience spanning IT, technical writing/editing, project management, bookkeeping, purchasing, website support and marketing. She has taken leave from corporate life in favor of a more balanced, healthy life for herself and her family.  When she’s not supporting clients from her home office, she enjoys volunteer work in her children’s schools and with the humane society. Amy lives in coastal Virginia with her husband of 20 years, her 3 amazing children, 2 spoiled cats, a lovable beagle and whatever recent batch of orphaned kittens she’s raising for the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society.

Activism ArticulatedDarcy Totten and Jasper James of Activism Articulated (PR Team) specialize in communications strategy, media advocacy and training for activists, student groups and non-profits at affordable rates.