tree of life“Alchemy” is the magickal science of spiritual process and practice that has the power to transform and evolve spirit and matter. Alchemy is the process that transmutes the essence within the core of the dedicated seeker.

This two-hour, one-on-one, intensive Alchemical Coaching session will reveal to you the doorway and set you upon the pathway to a foundational, profound, magickal and manifest transformation.

You are ready to create change in accordance with your Will.

That is why you are here in this moment giving consideration to the words on this page.

You are ready to commit to change, and I am prepared to guide you in manifesting an immediate future reality that will propel you swiftly and confidently toward attainment of your most cherished dreams and grandest intentions.

Mine is a powerful program combining seasoned intuitive tarot reading skills, multiple coaching modalities, and the magickal techniques that will optimize your opportunity to achieve  a comprehensive personal “reboot.” Whether your motivation for change primarily lies in addressing one currently less than optimal area of your life (career, relationships, matters of spirit, or material concerns), or you seek a comprehensive overview of your life and its meaning and purpose, this session will provide you an awareness of where you really are right now – where you are starting from – and a plan for designing and engaging with powerful personal spiritual processes and actions that will empower you to progress with assuredness in the direction of your choosing.

Drawing from the elegant array of skills and tools at our disposal, we will work our way from questions to answers, and then on to actions.  We will begin our session with an intensive tarot reading, then move through a series of “changes” – a variety of exercises that allow us to extract a vast amount information from the reading, and also to shift the energies thus arisen into aligned and resourceful aspect. Finally, we ground the work you have done in applied coaching, setting follow-through and mindful forward momentum in motion before your session is even completed.

Your session will include:

  • your two hour, face-to-face session in person* or via Zoom (internet video/audio platform)
  • a video recording of our time together so you can revisit and review the session as needed or desired
  • action steps based in the work we have done together that will help you implement and act upon the shifts created in your session
  • three weeks of follow-up email support on action steps as needed


I only book a limited number of one-on-one sessions in a given time period. To make sure you are ready, and that I am going to be able to deliver the results you need, I require that you fill out an application form. This form will give you an opportunity to get clear on your goals and desires, and will give me a thorough picture of what your needs are.
Thank you, in advance, for your application.


I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Not sure if I’m the right fit for you? Let these words help you decide:

Lasara Firefox Allen is an amazing tarot reader and guide. Super grounded and no-nonsense. Clarity-inducing. I love her. If you have some life questions that you want to sort out, and you are looking for bullshit-free direct wisdom, hit her up!”
– Leilani Monfort

“Lasara is a talented and powerful coach and teacher. If you are interested in taking your Work to the next level, she’s a great partner! Lasara will challenge you, support you and help you see the gifts you already possess. With her aid, I’ve been able to get to the root of long-seated difficulties in my life, and come away with real-world practices to keep me on my path. When you are ready for powerful, positive and really real change, take a breath and make contact. You will be glad you did.
-Jenya T. Beachy – Teacher, Reader, Writer, Priest