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Transmutation of Suffering: The Magic of Tonglen

Tonglen meditation is a healing practice. The word tonglen is Tibetan, and means “giving and taking.” It is also translated as “sending and receiving.” Rooted deeply in Tibetan Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and service, tonglen is designed to transmute and transcend suffering, not only on the personal level but on the global as well. Seeking […]

Space for Fragility

Hey lefties and radicals, let’s make room for folks not doing everything “perfectly,” yeah? What I see is that those who are new to radicalization are being schooled so often that they leave instead of becoming empowered to continue on the path. I am not saying that we need to make room for white tears, […]

Get Out The Vote

Eight years ago I spent days on the phone with GOTV projects for Barack. Four years ago I did it too. I haven’t done that for Hill. And I’m not even sure why. I mean, I’m busy, but that is not an adequate excuse. We make time for important things. I am honestly excited about […]