Core Values

Values at the Core

will not fuck withIn an effort to boost my sales, and to gather info to pass along to my clients, I’ve have been participating in a bunch of “6-7 figure” webinars and classes lately. Some of it has been interesting, but the most valuable thing that this endeavor has delivered for me is clarity. Thanks to a bunch of intensely salesy folks trying to convince me that I too can “live the dream,” I have been able to get really clear on some things that just do not sit right with me, and a few things that really, really do.
One thing I’m abundantly clear on: I’m not sure that my dream is the same as the dream presented in the glossy presentations and slick, tricky words. I feel pretty damn certain that my biggest, deepest, most dear dream consists of me never stepping out of integrity in order to land a conversion.
I’m grateful for the hours spent (not wasted) on webinars full of techniques I will never use. Those hours spent have brought me solidly back to my core. So, from my core to yours, here are some promises. They stem from my core values of sustainability and accessibility.
As your (prospective) coach, I will not fuck with your sense of self.
You know, this seems like a thing that should be a given. But it’s not! There are some unscrupulous folk out there presenting themselves as coaches. So let me make it explicit. Here are some ways I will not fuck with you:
  • I will never encourage you to go into credit card or loan debt in order to afford my programs.

  • I will not guilt you into signing on. (That old, “If you really believed in your work,” line is so grating and demeaning. The fact that you are looking into coaching or courses is proof enough that you believe in your work.)
  • If you are committed to the work, I will work with you to create an affordable payment plan, partial barter, or work trade situation that works for both of us.
  • I will not overload you with “extras” that you can’t keep up with, and then blame your lack of keeping up with the material for lack of movement.
  • I will not shame you for your “blocks” or “mindsets.”
As your coach, I WILL support you in working from your core values.
Core ValuesOne would hope that all coaches would offer this promise. However, many coaches seem to feel that it’s their job to retrain your values. I would never do that unless you first requested that we focus on values work, and if we agreed to do the work together of values transformation. In which case, we could do that, and effectively.
I honestly love doing values work. But it is not a thing to trifle with, or even to engage consciously with without full, conscious consent. Without your permission that category of work veers severely into the unethical.
So instead of fucking with your values, I will support you in defining them, and then working from them. No bullshit: your core values are where your power comes from. Let’s work to make sure they are aligned, tuned up, and that you are moving forward from your absolute, powerful, glorious core. Here are some promises from mine:
  • I will give you action steps that will help you to keep moving forward.
  • I will chat things out with you between sessions.
  • I will treat you exactly the same, whether you are paying the full amount up front, are on a payment plan, are working a partial trade, or are on scholarship.
  • I will help you find solutions within your budget – I will not pressure you into high dollar-amount solutions that will deplete you.
  • I will share all my low-dollar amount hacks so you can do cool things with low investment.
  • I will help you to shape your business to fit your personal values. The family comes before work? And so they should! Family night is sacred? Good. Your mental health requires certain habits? It’s awesome that you know that. Let’s start there, and work to maintain your core values at The Core of your work.

Ready to sign on? Let’s do it. I have two openings RIGHT NOW! Grab one today.


14123953_10154463593486100_707007055_o“Lasara’s direct and intuitive approach to goal setting and task management have been extremely motivating for me and have helped me to create a plan for getting my massage business tracking the way I would like to see it. In addition, she took the added time to help me work through any blocks that came up along the way, teaching me tools that I can use in the future should I encounter areas of difficulty.

Lasara also encouraged me to start budgeting personally as one of the steps to getting my business finances on track, and that has helped me with setting personal financial goals (getting out of debt, building good credit, starting a savings.) I can honestly say that without that nudge from her I would not be using the tools I am now to better my position financially, which will in turn allow me to invest more dollars into my business.

Since beginning my work with Lasara six weeks ago, I have partnered with a graphic designer to rebrand my business, launched a new website, and created a solid plan for generating leads as well as added some useful skills for client retention.

The time and money invested in coaching with Lasara has already more than paid for itself. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing some guidance or an extra push in the right direction! ”
– Omy Keyes, Entrepreneur, NM


Jailbreaking the Goddess: the Initiation

Jailbreaking the Goddess text logoDear friends,

I have been deeply moved by the work I have done with you all so far in Jailbreaking the Goddess and the fivefold goddess classes, courses, and reading groups. It has been so gratifying and empowering to see Her in so many different ways by connecting with Her through people like you. It is only through meeting spiritual partners willing to go deep, to stand on the edge, and to engage in the Big Work that one’s life quest comes to have real purpose and meaning.  I thank you for traveling these wild and glorious paths with me.

IMG_4195The New Year is off to an amazing start, powerfully propelled by the positive reception of my latest book, Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality.  (As you may have already heard on my facebook, it’s already hit one bestseller list even though it won’t be released until July 8, 2016!) I hope you’ll come out and support my latest exercise in reaching out to stimulate fresh dialogue and debate on women’s freedom through spirituality, by attending a book signing or a workshop as book tours come to your locale.  The presence of just one more supporter is the most powerful energizer for growing the movement. YOU ARE the movement!

Before the book is released, you should consider strengthening and building on the work you’ve already done with the material (or the work you have wanted to do) – willing yourself to engage even deeper into your process.  The offering that is the most comprehensive experience yet available to assist you in your spiritual quest –applying what that I have discovered and come to know through the interaction with the fivefold goddess and my work writing Jailbreaking– is my seven-month Jailbreaking the Goddess: The Initiation course. The course begins in early March. There are only a few spaces still open. I believe you are a serious seeker of the important truths and revelations who should be part of this experience.

Potentilla-arguta-Prairie-Cinquefoil-flowerIn Jailbreaking the Goddess: The Initiation, we will follow her five faces deep into the process of individual and collective undoing, and then start again, weaving from a space more co-creative, more conscious, more integrated. Together we will come to know her five faces intimately, and thus know ourselves in new ways. We will do magicks large and small, and examine the ways in which our Work informs our daily work and works, and we will dig deep under the foundation of patriarchy to uncover the root of the deep knowing at the core of what is, through this radical revisioning, being revealed.

In our seven months together, we will:
•    Immerse ourselves in the fluid, nonlinear, multivalent, rich, beautiful complexity of a fivefold model for the feminal divine
•    Experience opportunities for feminal empowerment, experience, and honoring
•    Conjure the space and framework in which to experience these five aspects of the divine feminal in you and as you,  us and through us
•    Help you to claim your body as your OWN, free of concepts of biological and sexual utility – you will come home to the full awareness that you are more than your biology. Your uterus is not public property. Your sexuality is not for other people. In the trajectory of this course you will come to know these truths in a radical and abiding way.
•    Hold a strong container of sisterhood – a cauldron of changes – which will house our psychological, spiritual, personal and collective transformation
•    Reveal and acknowledge the overculture/dominant culture values that form the foundation of our development in both our interpersonal and intrapersonal development
•    Find our roots in the rich loam of ancient, timeless, fertile soil that exists under and outside of contemporary structures of socialization
•    Create a dedicated, shared, virtual space within which we will confront, deconstruct, and move through ideologies and patterns of action that reinforce disempowerment
•     Find deep transformation in the process of releasing, centering, and renewing

SIGN ON NOW if you are READY to commit to this Work!
You have two payment options:

One-Time Payment - SAVE OVER $100!
$777 - single payment
Pay in full NOW and SAVE $112!
You will ALSO get a FREE signed, personalized copy of Jailbreaking the Goddess - valued at $22.99. Not only that, I'll cover the $7 priority shipping fee!
AND, I will also gift you my "Tune In and Tune Up" Coaching Package, including three 45-minute, personalized one-on-one coaching sessions - valued at $555!
You will also get a copy of the electronic version of the Jailbreaking the Goddess workbook! Valued at $9.99!
Monthly Payment Plan
$127/month - easy installment plan!
Choose this option for an easy, automated, monthly installment plan.

I look forward to diving deep in our work together!

a.baa-Flower-puncturing-concreteThe course includes:
•    Two interactive, confidential, sacred, sometimes silly, face to face, online gatherings per month (via Zoom) – a total of 14 live, online gatherings
•    14 workbooks designed to help you make the most of each gathering
•    Video recordings of gatherings
•    Audio recordings of gatherings
•    24/7, confidential, safe, strong online group space available for updates, process, support, sharing pix, prayers, rituals, discussing rough spots and breakthroughs in our personal and collective Works
•    Recorded visualizations for rituals
•    Access to the Jailbreaking the Goddess manuscript as soon as you sign up
•   PLUS recordings – both video and audio – of those sessions
•    AND MORE to be revealed

This is the final time I’ll be offering this course in this format. Next year (2017) it will become a year-long program and will have a higher price tag.  But of course it will be worth it. I hope your positive and empowering experience in engaging in my say_hello_2_heaven_by_americanpsychocurrent course (beginning in March) will encourage you to also sign up and support the next evolution of the Work in 2017.  (I will make every effort to create significant discounts for my returning serious students.)

The Bottom Line:
You know me.  And you know the work. You have already taken in, internalized, and moved in accordance with the spiritual self-revelations and personal epiphanies that are present in my teachings. You know the deep and transformative value of the journey I am dedicated to guiding you on.

SIGN ON NOW if you are serious about committing to
the this growth!

SIGN ON NOW if you are READY to commit to this Work!
You have two payment options:

One-Time Payment - SAVE OVER $100!
$777 - single payment
Pay in full NOW and SAVE $112!
You will ALSO get a FREE signed, personalized copy of Jailbreaking the Goddess - valued at $22.99. Not only that, I'll cover the $7 priority shipping fee!
AND, I will also gift you my "Tune In and Tune Up" Coaching Package, including three 45-minute, personalized one-on-one coaching sessions - valued at $555!
You will also get a copy of the electronic version of the Jailbreaking the Goddess workbook! Valued at $9.99!
Monthly Payment Plan
$127/month - easy installment plan!
Choose this option for an easy, automated, monthly installment plan.

Out Gathering Dates:

March 1 – Intro
March 15 – Diving In
March 29 – Femella
April 12 – Femella
April 26  – Potens
May 10 – Potens
May 24 – Creatrix
June 7 – Creatrix
June 21  – Sapientia
July 5 – Sapientia
July 19  – Antiqua
August 2– Antiqua
August 16 – Closing Materials
August 30  – Final Ritual

I so look forward to going ever deeper with you.

Join me.

Love and power,
– Lasara

Jailbreaking Flowers Image


Coach with Me!!! Powerful Autumn Coaching Special!

Hi! I’m still spending all my hours writing The Book! (Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality, Llewellyn, 2016.)

poly and kink friendly professional with heartsAnd still, it’s time for me to sign on THREE coaching clients – at a super accessible rate. (See blow!) This is the first time opening my coaching services up to new clients in nearly a year, so for you who have been waiting, it’s TIME!

Want to know more before you commit?
Find out more about my coaching programs here.

Additional relevant links:
Testimonials * Why Coaching?

Poly Friendly! Radicals Welcome! Witches, Polytheist, and Pagans invited with open arms. I’m here for and with you!

“Changing the focus of my career was super scary, and something I had to just jump into. I jumped into the wild blue of changing, and was delighted to be caught by Lasara’s net. I have made such wild progress–beyond what I imagined. Quick new ways of thinking about things–like; this isn’t hard, I can just DO this!”
– Ariel Gore, author of the bestseller, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happines, and many other books, also a columnist for Psychology Today, and founding editor of HipMama magazine.

Here’s a win/win proposition; I’m offering THREE one-on-one coaching programs at the lowest rate I have offered in my memory. Quite possibly the lowest rate ever.

Your win:

A three-month, one-on-one coaching program prices at only $444!
This is $333 off my already very low $777.

A three-month, one-on-one, individualized coaching program at $444 is truly an awesome deal. At $777 for your three month program, my regular rates are already lower than industry standard – because I love working with my client base and I price my rates accordingly. (Similar three month programs run around the $1200 mark.) AND, $444 is an incredible amount of value for a very low monetary investment. And I feel good about it, because I love you, and I want to work with you. <3

Please read this agreement page before you sign on! It contains information on my money-back guaranteed, and our agreements for the program.

My win: I ask that we begin the coaching program in mid-Sept, by which time I will be finished with edits and recovered a bit.

Working through your three month commitment will revolutionize your self-trust, your decision-making strategies, and your process of personal growth. The only essential element is that you come present in the experience.

I’m a seasoned coach with a great track record and excellent references. My coaching services are phone- or internet-based, so location and distance are not an issue. My coaching and mentoring clients are hand-picked, and I only work with five one-on-one, on-going contracts at any one time. This allows me to give you my complete attention.

Your coaching contract includes six hours of one on one coaching. In most cases that will work out to a one-hour session every two weeks, for a three month period.

(In cases of rapidly transforming life conditions, external or internal crisis, or where extra support is desired for whatever reason, an accelerated mentoring program can be designed to accommodate weekly sessions for six weeks instead of the three month format. This program is available at a different rate.)

Your basic coaching program includes:

  • six one-on-one phone sessions over a three-month period – by phone, OR by skype (or other VoIP option)
  • action steps to help you stay focused an between sessions
  • email support if needed

All for only $444. And like I said above; ONLY THREE SPACES AVAILABLE. Sign on now.

Please read this agreement page before you sign on! It contains information on my money-back guaranteed, and our agreements for the program.


Coaching and mentoring spaces are open! Also, “New Year” BONUSES for next three clients!

1362344008_HANDSTOUCHINGS-33Coaching and Mentoring spaces open!

Why Coaching?

“When I entered into the coaching relationship with Lasara I could not have asked for or anticipated the profound changes that occurred in my life as a result of that decision. She helped me ask and answer questions I didn’t even know I had, and face what have been lifelong boogeymen in the pursuit of betterment. She is professional, passionate, empathetic and insightful. Thank you, Lasara, for helping me on my path!”
-J, entrepreneur and mom, CO

More testimonials here!

New Year Bonus: The Fivefold Goddess – An Initiation Cycle into a New Divine Feminine  registration (value $299 – $399), or $199 off your coaching or mentoring program.

I am have openings for three new clients. Will YOU be one of them? Contact me for a free, no strings attached, 15 minute consultation.