Coach with Me!!! Powerful Autumn Coaching Special!

Hi! I’m still spending all my hours writing The Book! (Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality, Llewellyn, 2016.)

poly and kink friendly professional with heartsAnd still, it’s time for me to sign on THREE coaching clients – at a super accessible rate. (See blow!) This is the first time opening my coaching services up to new clients in nearly a year, so for you who have been waiting, it’s TIME!

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Poly Friendly! Radicals Welcome! Witches, Polytheist, and Pagans invited with open arms. I’m here for and with you!

“Changing the focus of my career was super scary, and something I had to just jump into. I jumped into the wild blue of changing, and was delighted to be caught by Lasara’s net. I have made such wild progress–beyond what I imagined. Quick new ways of thinking about things–like; this isn’t hard, I can just DO this!”
– Ariel Gore, author of the bestseller, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happines, and many other books, also a columnist for Psychology Today, and founding editor of HipMama magazine.

Here’s a win/win proposition; I’m offering THREE one-on-one coaching programs at the lowest rate I have offered in my memory. Quite possibly the lowest rate ever.

Your win:

A three-month, one-on-one coaching program prices at only $444!
This is $333 off my already very low $777.

A three-month, one-on-one, individualized coaching program at $444 is truly an awesome deal. At $777 for your three month program, my regular rates are already lower than industry standard – because I love working with my client base and I price my rates accordingly. (Similar three month programs run around the $1200 mark.) AND, $444 is an incredible amount of value for a very low monetary investment. And I feel good about it, because I love you, and I want to work with you. <3

Please read this agreement page before you sign on! It contains information on my money-back guaranteed, and our agreements for the program.

My win: I ask that we begin the coaching program in mid-Sept, by which time I will be finished with edits and recovered a bit.

Working through your three month commitment will revolutionize your self-trust, your decision-making strategies, and your process of personal growth. The only essential element is that you come present in the experience.

I’m a seasoned coach with a great track record and excellent references. My coaching services are phone- or internet-based, so location and distance are not an issue. My coaching and mentoring clients are hand-picked, and I only work with five one-on-one, on-going contracts at any one time. This allows me to give you my complete attention.

Your coaching contract includes six hours of one on one coaching. In most cases that will work out to a one-hour session every two weeks, for a three month period.

(In cases of rapidly transforming life conditions, external or internal crisis, or where extra support is desired for whatever reason, an accelerated mentoring program can be designed to accommodate weekly sessions for six weeks instead of the three month format. This program is available at a different rate.)

Your basic coaching program includes:

  • six one-on-one phone sessions over a three-month period – by phone, OR by skype (or other VoIP option)
  • action steps to help you stay focused an between sessions
  • email support if needed

All for only $444. And like I said above; ONLY THREE SPACES AVAILABLE. Sign on now.

Please read this agreement page before you sign on! It contains information on my money-back guaranteed, and our agreements for the program.

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