hands-together-heart2In-Person Personal Retreat

Personal retreats are a day or longer. This time is a sacred investment in your personal growth and healing. This retreat will take place at a place of our mutual choosing; a hot springs retreat like Orr Hotsprings, or Harbin, or in a more private location like an Air BnB location or a private retreat center, or out of doors in nature.

You may choose to make this a time just for you, or you may share it with your partner or partners. You may choose to focus on social skills, body love and acceptance, self-esteem and love, sexual education and empowerment, spiritual counsel and initiation, or some specific thing that you are ready to heal or bring forward.

Depending on your needs and desires, we will spend our time together involved in some combination of intensive coaching, educational exploration, meditation, visioning, guided relaxation, trance work, spiritual journeying, walking in nature, guided conversation, and whatever other tools and experiences arise as part of your journey. We may pull some tarot cards, work with my own decks, or even work with other types of scrying and divination.

Please contact me through the contact form below for more information, and to begin the interview process. I ask for a few bits of info from you so that I can get a feel for you before our intake. This will make it possible for me to streamline the interview process.

We will discuss rates once I have a better idea of what your retreat is going to entail.