Create Rapid, Lasting Change with a Single Session of One-on-One Coaching!

2014-07-13 13.47You can make things easier, better, more clear, more joyful.

Start here. Start now.

“Lasara is patient and insightful. I did a kick-start session with her that helped me clarify some of my hopes and fears, and move forward into manifesting solid results.”
– T. Thorn Coyle author of Evolutionary Witchcraft and Kissing the Limitless

Single session coaching is a laser-focused option that’s great for:

  • problem solving and crisis control
  • integration/normalization of spiritual breakthrough states or experiences
  • immediate goal setting
  • a “tune up”

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“LaSara is a master! I had gotten bogged down in day-to-day tasks and e-mails, losing sight of my vision and becoming disillusioned with everything I was doing. In just one short session with LaSara, I began to feel excited about my work and my life again. LaSara is extremely skilled – working with her has the potential to change your life.”
– PJ Van Hulle, Real Estate Investor


One-on-One single session coaching is available on a sliding scale.


Annual US household income levels are included here to help you find your place on the sliding scale. I do not expect you to give me proof of income. This is an honor system. Please pay according to you ability, within these parameters. Thank you for your honesty!

Upper Income = $50000 or more/year
Medium Income = $35001 – $50000
Low income = $35000 or less/year

Select your payment rate by clicking the drop-down menu on the PayPal button below.
Upper Income Rate: $275
Medium Income Rate: $235
Lower Income Rate: $195

To book your session, please make your payment and I will contact you within 24 hours in order to schedule your session.


  • If I’m given 72 hours notice, no fee/full refund. Or, the full amount can be put toward a reschedule.
  • If 72 – 24 hours notice, you surrender 1/2 of your fee. The remaining amount may be put toward a reschedule.
  • If less than 24 hours, full payment of session is required/no refund.

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