Feminism is Not One Size Fits All – aka, This Feminist is for Bernie

forbernieI posted this over on fb, and a friend suggested I post it here too. So here it is.

This has been a long time brewing, but the incident with Gloria Steinem yesterday pushed me over the edge.

So, some issues I’m having with some feminists this election cycle:

1. Fucking Gloria, what the hell??? If you think my daughter (a proud Bernie supporter) is voting with her hormones (and apparently you do), you can fuck right off.

2. White ladies insisting that anyone who isn’t voting for Hillary is betraying feminism. Truth is, Hillary isn’t the strongest feminist in the race. And, intersectionality is a *thing*! And, being a “feminist” is only ONE of the essential elements that creates a good candidate. Others are voting records regarding access to healthcare (Bernie is for a universal healthcare system), prison reform (Bernie has a plan to end privatization for example), drug law reform (Bernie, for example, wants to end marijuana prohibition), and etc. (And if you don’t know why these issues are – or MUST BE – feminist issues, I hope you will read Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality when it comes out in July.)

In case you’re under the misapprehension that voting for Bernie makes you a bad feminist, rest assured, voting for Bernie doesn’t make you a bad feminist. And voting for Hillary doesn’t make you a good one.

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