Jailbreaking the Goddess

Jailbreaking the Goddess Class: Accessing the Fivefold Model in Feminist Leadership

Jailbreaking the GoddessHi, friend!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that – due to the shifting terrain of marketing and the high cost of being on the road – I cancelled a number of in-person book events. When I made that announcement, I told you all to keep your eyes peeled for online offerings.

The time has come!

JOIN ME for a Jailbreaking the Goddess Class:
Accessing the Fivefold Model in Feminist Leadership

Saturday August 27, 4PM Pacific – online!

Learn how accessing the fivefold model – as put forth in Jailbreaking the Goddess can help you to become more flexible in any feminist leadership roles. Whether you’re a teacher, chief creative officer, an entrepreneur, a mom, a politician, a priest/ess, or a CEO, being able to access the five aspects of the goddess will:

  • help you to speak to everyone in the room, regardless of their default or dominant modes. (Want to know your dominant aspect? Take the Which Goddess Are You? quiz now!)
  • help you find ways to engage with people who have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • allow you to tap into different ways of reasoning by interfacing with Femella, Potens, Creatrix, Sapientia, and Antiqua.
  • help you to problem-solve from different perspectives.
  • create flexibility in your feminist leadership models.
  • access and offer out frames for feminal empowerment.

This 1.5 hour workshop will be interactive, and will take place on a live, face-to-face, video platform. The class will be recorded so you can re-watch (or listen to) it later. If you cannot be present at the class you can still access the recording if you register in advance.

Please set aside this hour and a half to be fully engaged in our video classroom environment. Bring your workbook (pdf will be sent to you in advance of the workshop), writing and/or drawing implements, water for drinking, your curiosity, and anything else that helps you to absorb information.

Register now!

See you there.

Blessings of love and power,
– Lasara

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