i pray for breaking

heartbreakhearts are
broken all the time
sitting in the fear
is different than wallowing in it
is the antidote to running from it
hiding behind it
falling under it

having a heart
means being broken
breaking open
means liberation
and we all fall
if we’re fortunate

no being in the universe
is more deserving
of your unconditional love
than you are
the Buddha is purported to have said

so the I that witnesses
loves the i that sits
willingly breathing it in
and releasing

fear is a wish
love is a prayer

i pray for breaking

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  1. Marylyn Motherbear Scott says:

    A lovely new poem, LaSara. This last weekend at the PFM (Pagan Flash Mob), the discussion about “What Makes You Happy” morphed into expressions of grief, of sadness. Being in, as in “IN” the grief, IN the sadness, has its own perfect-ness even as we reach for release. It’s the nature of a “good”
    cry. Loving you, loving with you, in the prayer, Mom


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