So you’ve been inspired by Lasara’s work, and want to get her to your town?

Here are some ways you can help make that happen:

circleofwoman* Host a workshop in your home! Lasara loves offering workshops in living rooms. If you are willing to open your space there are many benefits to hosting in a home over a store or other public venue. Homes are often more comfy, and they feel instantly more safe and intimate. Also, hosting means YOU get to attend for free in exchange for hosting, and Lasara doesn’t need to pay a rental fee. So you both win! Your address will only be given out to those who register, and will never be shared in a public forum without your permission.

* If not your home, do you have access to another space where Lasara could teach? Is it a situation where a trade can happen for rental for participation? Keeping costs down is essential to making touring possible.

* Is there a local college or other educational institution that might be interested in having Lasara speak while she’s in town? The more paying gigs the better!

* Do you know anyone at your local bookstore? If Lasara can do a reading at a public venue a night or two before the workshop in your home she can get the word out to a larger audience, get registration up, and sell some books. All helpful!

* Do you know anyone in media in your area? Lasara loves to do TV, radio, and podcast interviews.

* Are you willing to host Lasara while she is in your town? Being hosted cuts costs for Lasara. This is super helpful! Some things you should know for Lasara’s care and feeding:
— You are not expected to feed her! But if you want to, these are her dietary restrictions: no gluten, no wheat (or most grains), no corn, no soy, no sugar. Grains she does eat: rice, oats, quinoia, and fancy-schmantsy gluten free flours. She loves honey and yogurt, apples and cheese, fruit, coconut milk, and all kinds of veggies. And clean meat. (Though if you don’t eat meat, that is fine too. Meat is not a requirement.)
— She doesn’t usually drink booze, but you can! She’s not opposed to having it around. She doesn’t tend to drink it because of sugar, not because of addiction. (Every once in a while she’ll have a glass of a nice, dry prosecco.)
— She l o v e s really good water though, and drinks a lot of it. If you want to host her and don’t have a water filter, please let her know in advance so she can bring water to drink. Yep. She’s choosy about water. It’s a thing.
— Lasara likes to be warm. She has fibromyalgia and cold is not easy on her body. Baths are a bonus. (She has been known to carry epsom salt with her just in case she needs a salt water treatment.) Hot tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas are rad too.

Thank you for helping make Lasara’s tours easy!

I want to bring Lasara to my town!