Introduction to the Fivefold Goddess Archetypal System – May 26, 2015

rough-fruited_cinquefoil_11Introduction to the Fivefold Goddess Archetypal System

One Evening Session – web-based

Tuesday, May 26, 7 PM Pacific, Web-based
ONLY $5!!!
OR, FREE BONUS with registration for The Fivefold Goddess: An Initiation into a New Vision of the Divine Feminine

The Fivefold Goddess is a revolutionary new archetypal system that encourages a more flexible, more versatile relationship with the feminal divine.

I’ve finished writing the book (Llewellyn, pub date tba). Now I’m ready to dive into the material with you!

Moving from the biologically defined, hetero-normative, gender-binary based maiden/mother/crone system, we ask questions and find answers that move us into a more comprehensively empowered, inclusive, flexible, powerful, self-defined and self-defining system of divine expression and representation.

In this two-hour, interactive, web-based workshop, you will:

  • come to understand how the fivefold model liberates your concepts of the feminal divine
  • see yourself in the fivefold faces and countenances, and see then in you
  • gain a primary understanding of the body of woman – and the divine body – as a sovereign state of being, and a sovereign place of being
  • come to understand the difference between externally verifiable and internally experienced transitions and turning points – and gain understanding of the importance of this shift of power
  • understand why and how a system can, and must, move from a rigidly biologically oriented, exclusionary format to a self-defining, internally experienced, inclusive, creative, flexible format

Register now, and begin your journey into a new level of self definition and spiritual expression.

ALREADY REGISTERED FOR SEVEN WEEK The Fivefold Goddess: An Initiation into a New Vision of the Divine Feminine?
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Your facilitator:

10629421_10152998060169523_9198177039107667459_oLasara Firefox Allen is an author (Sexy Witch, Llewellyn, 2005), coach, educator, and activist. She is a second generation, multiply ordained Pagan clergy member, and a family-traditions Witch, raising her children in the Pagan community. Lasara’s book Sexy Witch is distributed internationally, and is available in four languages. Lasara regularly offers online courses, in-person workshops, and retreats on a range of topics; relationships, sexuality, parenting/family dynamics, media literacy & body-image, magick, and spirituality. Married to the love of her life and mother to two amazing kids, Lasara and her family live in the wilds of northern California, and surround themselves with a community of loving souls. Find out more at

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