Artist Unknown. (Do you know? Please tell us!)

Jailbreaking the Goddess Day-Long Intensive, October 1, Crystal Matrix, Los Angeles

ages of womenThe fivefold goddess allows new ways of knowing, encountering, interacting with, serving, and working with the feminal divine. Femella, the child; Potens, the powerful; Creatrix, the maker; Sapientia, the wise one; and Antiqua, the old one, offer us opportunities to know and understand the divine feminal current, to understand women as complex conduits of the divine, and to see ourselves reflected in goddesses who are born to and of this new aeon.

Moving from the common personification of maiden/mother/crone known to many in the Pagan and pantheist communities into a more flexible, self-identified format, the fivefold goddesses liberate women from the shackles of patriarchy. Moving beyond womb-based designations for womanness and divine feminal power, we encounter and embrace true sovereignty.

Artist Unknown. (Do you know? Please tell us!)

Artist Unknown. (Do you know? Please tell us!)

During this day-long intensive you will learn which of the five faces are dominant in your life and which are less developed. Together we will explore the strengths and hidden power, as well as the occult leanings of each face. We will examine where our personal growth and work can support the community of women. We will examine our lives and see where each of the five faces is being supported. 

Our work is female-focused: the female experience will be held at the center of our work together. ALL women and gender nonconforming people are welcome to participate in this workshop. Men and male identified people are welcome to respectfully witness the work. We will gather in a “women to the front” format, and ask men to sit at the outer ring of the circle to hold space for the feminal focus. Men will be welcomed to ask questions in the formal question and answer period at the end of the workshop.

BRING: journal for writing and/or drawing, writing/drawing implements, a brown-bag lunch.
Dress comfortably.
WHEN: Saturday October 1, 12NOON – 7 PM
WHERE: Crystal Matrix
3215 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

I offer a sliding scale; please pay according to your level of income.

Sliding Scale Options

Use these guidelines to decide which income category you fit in:
middle income = $35001 – $50000 per year
upper income = $50000 or more per year,
lower income = $35000 or less per year.
Thank you!

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