Jailbreaking the Goddess – Evening Workshop – OC

respeitoThe fivefold goddess, as presented in Lasara’s upcoming book, Jailbreaking the Goddess, is a revolutionary new archetypal system that encourages a new, more flexible, more versatile relationship with the female divine.
Moving from the biologically defined, hetero-normative, gender-binary based maiden/mother/crone system, we ask questions and find answers that move us into a more comprehensively empowered, flexible, powerful, and self-defined system of divine expression and representation.
In this two-hour, interactive workshop, you will:
  • come to understand how the fivefold model liberates your concepts of the divine feminine
  • see yourself in the fivefold faces and countenances, and see then in you
  • gain a primary understanding of your woman-ness and womanbody as a sovereign state of being, and a sovereign place of being
  • come to understand the difference between externally verifiable and internally experienced transitions and turning points – and gain understanding of the importance of this shift of power
  • understand why and how a system come, and must, move from a rigidly biologically oriented, exclusionary format to a self-defining, internally experienced, inclusionary, creative, flexible format
Register now, and begin your journey into a new level of self definition and spiritual expression.
Thursday, September 29, 2016
7 – 9 PM
Private location, La Habra, Address Upon Registration

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