Jailbreaking the Goddess

Los Angeles Tour dates, Sept/Oct 2016 – Jailbreaking the Goddess, and Sex Magic!

Hey friends! Robert and I will be in LA and OC for some events in late September, early October. Here’s our calendar:

Jailbreaking the GoddessThursday, September 29, I will be offering an evening-long Jailbreaking the Goddess workshop in Orange County! This workshop is perfect for those who haven’t yet taken a class on the material yet, but as those of you who have worked with me before, even those of you who HAVE taken the class before you will surely find something new this time!

Friday evening, September 30, I am pleased to announce the Robert and I will be offering our Sex Magick, Sacred Sexuality, and Tantra: East meets West workshop in Mid-City LA! Cosponsored and hosted by our wonderful friend Laurie Lovekraft and by Sex Positive LA this workshop is a great opportunity to learn some stuff AND to be in the company of other sex positive people, which is always such a pleasure.


On Saturday, October 1, I will be offering a day long intensive on Jailbreaking the Goddess at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. This workshop will be fantastic! We will go in depth the five faces, you will find out which of the five is your dominant aspect, we will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect, and so much more!

AND, here’s something you don’t want to miss: Jailbreaking the Goddess is at the printers and it is only a matter of days until it is available. (I’m not sure how many days, but days nonetheless. Less than a month.) The next two to register for the day long intensive at Crystal Matrix will get a copy of the book, personalized, signed, and mailed to you as soon as it arrives at my home! Do it now!

I am taking appointments (advance bookings only) for two Alchemical Coaching sessions. Book yours now! I already have one of the two sessions tentatively filled.


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