The Magick of Money for Financially Ambivalent Entrepreneurs – FREE WEBINAR!

Are you ambivalent about money? Are you afraid to ask for what you need – and deserve – to be paid for your products or services? Are you tired of feeling conflicted when pricing your courses, sessions, classes, or products?

Join me for my free webinar on Sunday: the Magick of Money for Financially Ambivalent Entrepreneurs. It’s perfect for Witches and Pagans, and for anyone who works in serving and healing professions.

In this free webinar you will learn three easy practices that will begin shifting your financial reality. We will address creating change on both the mundane and the magickal levels. You will learn:

  • One simple practice that will remove many blocks.
  • One essential tool for increasing your basic financial literacy.
  • One supremely simple magickal technique that will begin reshaping your energetic relationship with money.

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