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Space for Fragility

68_-_strength__fragility_judith_battersby_4655250313Hey lefties and radicals, let’s make room for folks not doing everything “perfectly,” yeah? What I see is that those who are new to radicalization are being schooled so often that they leave instead of becoming empowered to continue on the path.

I am not saying that we need to make room for white tears, or that we must cosign people’s frailty. However, making fragility a sin is removing our humanity.

What if instead of shutting down fragility we, as a movement, made space for it? There need to be places where it is safe to be wrong. To take action imperfectly and still be welcome to arrive at the conversation at whatever state we are capable of reaching.

Expecting perfection from beginners will kill this movement. Hell, expecting perfection in general will kill it. None of us are perfect.

Yours in solidarity.