Personal Sovereignty is Your Birthright


Photographer: Kir Kir Date, 1/19/15

For a while now I have been deeply thinking and feeling into what is at the core of my personal mission.

My amazing friend Shannon’s unexpected and heartbreaking death on the 20th on January amplified my need for more of a sense of personal clarity. A bit of a push to make sure I am living in accordance with my values and my (activist to the core) goals.

I have journied deep, and found the hidden stone.

The core of my mission is to support, defend, explore, work for, and fight for the right to, and actuality of, personal sovereignty.

Everyone deserves the right to decide how to treat their bodies, how to think and what to believe, the right to make choices consistent with their values, the right to choose their preferred work (from mothering to whoring to managing to teaching to priest/essing/etc). Everyone deserves sovereignty through sexual and reproductive choice and justice (not just the right to choose, but an end to eugenics via forced/coerced sterilization).

When I say everyone, I mean *especially* those who have the lowest level of sovereignty or autonomy; women, especially Women of Color, People of Color, queer people, trans people.

Once everyone has the absolute and irrefutable right to decide of their own volition how to best show up for themselves, and as themselves; once everyone has access to the same levels of education, employment, and services as others do, and everyone has bodily and psychological autonomy (though not as measured by a xenophobic, ethnocentric measuring stick) we will have overcome racism, and the patriarchy will no longer hold sway.

This is the genesis and expression of my feminism. It is the growth of my anti-racism. Personal sovereignty is the center of my thrust. It is my passionate fire.

Looking back at years of my offerings, I can see that personal sovereignty as been my true north. With strong themes of self-referential sexuality, deprogramming from cultural influence, and self-ownership, personal sovereignty was the core value and message of Sexy Witch. It is also the core of the two books I am working on now. It is the central purpose of teaching feminism courses  to high school students at our local charter school.

Personal Sovereignty is the gift of 21 Days to BODYLOVE. The Red Queen Work. My consent events and classes.

Personal sovereignty is the highest and deepest gift I offer as a coach and mentor. Finding freedom and liberation from old patterns, old stories, internal and external limitations. Owning our bodies. Owning our desires. And claiming the right to all of this from a strong and flexible center.

The Fivefold Goddess is centrally, deeply, strongly about sovereignty and the Divine Feminine, and our divine sovereignty as women.

Creating sex positive, body positive women’s spaces is an experience lab for developing sovereignty. Sexual sovereignty means bodily sovereignty.

Supporting sex work, death with dignity, and access to choice-based child birth options all stem from the root cause of personal sovereignty.

And then there is another level of sovereignty; every man and every woman is a star. (And all of those who live and identify outside the gender binary are stars too!) How will relationships shift when we truly allow for, encourage, support, and actively create space for growth toward personal sovereignty in a relational context? What if each person were encouraged to show up in their full sovereignty within the context of relating?

Take a leveling up of the concept of sovereignty, we can see how love relationships, parent-child relationships, teacher-student relationships, and even management-employee relationships would shift. We see how empowerment would lead to empowerment. How relationships would shift toward the collaborative and co-creative.


Photographer: Jeff Weston. Date, 10/12/14

This is where child-lead education if given full context.

It is also where the growth of conscious open relationships takes root.

Consent is an inherent value in a social framework committed to personal sovereignty.

Taking it another step out, I call in the relationship of humans to the planet we are so dependent upon. I look to the indigenous movements that are calling for laws that recognize the sovereignty of this living Earth. When we enter into a sovereign relationship with a sovereign Earth, we come to deep ecology, Organic Magick, a personal and rooted relationship with the seasons, and the Earth Itself.

Existentialism, anarchism, feminism, Thelema, Paganism, Witchcraft, activism, the Bodhisattva vow; these are the foundational elements of my Work in the World. The nexus of the ways in which I eventually long to leave the planet, and humanity, better off than when I came forth into it.

Sovereignty is your birthright. We are all sovereign beings. My work is to help us realize and remember that fact.

And, secure in our remembering, we will each remind others that it is their birthright too.

In this, the healing of the world.
Dedicated to Shannon Williams, in memoriam.

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