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I’m working on learning how to make javascript work on wordpress so I can install the very pretty fundrazr widget. Until then, please click this link to my Fundrazr for Fivefold Goddess (working title) edits! There are awesome bonuses, and every donation helps me focus on making this book all it can be. Thank you in advance!

Here’s a taste:

I’m honored to currently be writing The fivefold Goddess (working title), my second book for Llewellyn, the world’s largest metaphysical publishing house.

“This is an amazing book. It holds the philosophy for change… and the creative format to become fully empowered in your magical birth-right outside an outdated patriarchal model.

I can see this women’s courses being taught by using this book.”
– advance praise from Rosa DeAnda

The Fivefold Goddess is a system of feminal divine representation that includes the divinity of all women. It is an inclusive model that moves us toward decolonization of our spiritual lives and true sovereignty in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

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