Gratigories – Full Set

gratigories_cards_imageGratigories – the game that inspires you to get grateful!

Gratigories is a fun way to practice gratitude with your loved ones. A wonderful game for Thanksgiving – or any other day! You can play Gratigories! with your kids, your parents, your friends. Even your colleagues and clients.

The full set of Gratigories comes with three sets of cards; basic, advanced, and adult. Gratigories can be played three different ways. Cultivating gratitude takes practice. Gratigories helps you work your gratitude muscle. Play Gratigories, and get grateful!

Gratigories back cover, 1Gratitude Games are green; no packaging, no shipping and handling = zero waste! The file is large, so please allow ample time to download in full.

Gratigories was developed by Lasara Firefox Allen. The card sets were designed by our friends at Bubonic Media. They’re vibrant, colorful, and full of heart! ENJOY! With gratitude.