Jailbreaking the Goddess: The Workbook
The Print Version

jbtg-workbook-cover-front-finalJailbreaking the Goddess: The Workbook provides tools for individuals and groups to interact more deeply with the fivefold goddess, introduced in Lasara Firefox Allen’s Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality. Offering space for creativity, reflection, action, and community building, Jailbreaking the Goddess: The Workbook inspires readers to co-create a new spiritual path.

Journaling prompts encourage readers to deepen their relationship with each of the goddesses: Femella, Potens, Creatrix, Sapientia, and Antiqua. Actions inspire readers to reach out to their communities and manifest ideas from the book, from designing a personal Magickal Wheel to decentralizing their working group or coven.

Dive deep into praxis, and engage as the path unfolds.


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