Samhain Tarot Special – the veils are thin!

In honor of Samhain and the thinning of the veils I’m offering a special of $20 off Tree of Life with Changes of Fortune tarot reading. Take advantage of this potent time when the new year is nascent and the unseen world is closer to the one we live in day-to-day.

Purchase your reading by clicking here, and I will refund you $20 on your purchase price. (Please pay on sliding scale according to your income.) We will book your reading for between Halloween (which some observe as the Witches’ New Year) and astrological Samhain, on Nov. 7.  Purchase your reading now to get preference on your booking.

Readings performed by Skype or other web-based communication option, so this offer is available to you wherever you are.

Happy New Year, and Blessed Be!

Interested in more Witches’ New Year magick? Check out my in-person Witches’ New Year Visioning Ceremony and Manifestation Ritual that will take place on November 1, in Willits, CA.

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