Schedule Changes! And Welcoming the Autumn!

IMG_0003Hi love!

Upon request, I have postponed my 21 Days to BODYLOVE course until January.

That leaves October WIDE OPEN for Tarot readings, tarot parties, tarot one-on-one coaching, and more. Planning a harvest, Samhain or Hallowe’en celebration? Book me asap. Personal reading? We can do those in person, by phone, or by skype, facebook video chat, google chat, or other VOIP option.

Local ladies will want to attend my September New Moon Womanifestation TONIGHT, September 24th, at 7:00 PM, at my home in Willits.This new moon, in 1 degree Libra, follows on the heals of equinox – also in Libra. We have perhaps some lovely balance with an almost cool dispassion coming in. Yet, Libra is ruled by Venus, who brings her abundant, gracious, sensual and sweet energy. We also have the asteroid Lilith in the mix, who is channeling in an edge of firy liberation and “the personal is political” energy. This will be an awesome new moon to work with to create personal outcomes regarding balance, lov1900561_10152350472588727_3455815045619679837_oe, and passionate change. Yay! Looking forward.

The  October New Moon WOMANifestation gathering will be on October 23rd. (Please register for directions.)

I’m still looking for two dedicated, brave, ready-to-create-change, ongoing coaching clients. My ideal client is READY TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE in their lives NOW! If this is YOU, please take advantage of my free, 20-minute, no-strings-attached mini session, here, so we can see if we’re a fit for a coaching commitment.

My next upcoming web-based group program, Happy Healthy Magickal Winter Holidays, will begin Dec. 1. You can register now, and make your payment plan easy.

Happy time of shifting. All love, and blessings of light and darkness,


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