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Seeking TWO New (or return) Coaching Clients!

2014-07-13 13.47Two of my awesome coaching clients are taking a break from coaching! I’m sad to see them go, AND, proud of the amazing work they’ve done. (And I’m watching to see even more amazing stuff unfolding for each of you. <3 )

What this means is that I have two openings for new clients! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to begin working with me, it’s NOW.

Changing the focus of my career was super scary, and something I had to just jump into. I jumped into the wild blue of changing, and was delighted to be caught by Lasara’s net. I have made such wild progress–beyond what I imagined. Quick new ways of thinking about things–like; this isn’t hard, I can just DO this!
– Ariel Gore, www.arielgore.com, author of the bestseller, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness

Contact me for a free, no strings attached 15 minute consultation where we will see how we align. By the end of that 15 minutes we will know that the work you need to do now and the support I have for you is aligned.

In working with me, you will have access to a variety of tools for change, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques, to trance work, to tarot (if you like a more intuitive style). NLP is an excellent resource set that allows you forward momentum without retraumatizing or dwelling on old stories. Trance work, intuitive practices, and deep embodiment and empathy practices allow you to find your path into empowerment, using the tools you have already developed, while I also assist you in resourcing new techniques for personal transformation.

I’m a seasoned coach with a great track record and excellent references. My coaching services are phone-based, so location and distance are not an issue. Coaching clients are hand-picked, and I only work with five one-on-one, on-going coaching contracts at any one time. This allows me to give you my complete attention.

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