Small Business Saturday — Extra Special Deals!

Hi, love!

IMG_5695It’s Small Business Saturday! This is the opportunity to support your favorite small businesses with your holiday shopping dollars. So, I’m doing my part to save you some money, while also getting unique, meaningful, transformational gifts for your loved ones.

Here are my Small Business Saturday deals!

***10% of sales will go half to Run for Justice, and half to Magickal Cauldron of the Western Sea.***

My Small Business Saturday theme is BOGO! Buy One, Get One – free, or half off, in most cases.

If you’re going for something in the lower price range, Yoni Eggs make a perfect gift for the special lover in your life. (As long as she has a yoni!) What an AWESOME, sexy, caring stocking stuffer! 😉

Love Your Yoni Eggs:
buy one, get one half off (my choice of stone)

on Square Market


Something a little bit less, let’s say, intimate…but really caring and transformational?

Buy one tarot reading gift certificate, get one FREE!

on Square Market


Buy one, get one half off! These workshops are open to all women, and are a deep, sweet, life-changing, and awesome way to bond with your sister, mother, daughter, bestie.

21 Days to BODYLOVE:
registration at early bird rate, 2nd one HALF OFF!

on Square Market

Fivefold Goddess Initiation Cycle!
First registration at early bird rate, 2nd one HALF OFF!

on Square Market

If you have any questions, drop me a note! I’ll be online to answer them, and to make sure your orders get filled immediately.

P.S. I also have some jewelry available over at facebook! Buy one, get one free!

QUESTIONS? Contact me!

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