Spiritual Services


Spiritual Council:1549501_10152114708958727_8087164366081919187_n

I am available for spiritual counsel. I can assist you in finding your way through any spiritual questioning, help you in the definition, redefinition, and development of your spiritual path, or in working through a spiritual crisis, dark night of the soul, or mystical awakening.

As a clergy member ordained by multiple churches, religions organizations, a life coach with over a decade of experience, a teacher, and Mystic seeker who has moved through all of these stations myself, I have the tools and the compassion that allow me to meet you where you are, and assist yo in finding the answers that arise from within.

photo(5)Celebrant and Priestess

I am available to help you design and to conduct unique, true-to-you rites of passage, weddings and commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies, coming out parties, family reunions, celebrations of life/funereal rites, sabbats and esbats, holidays, and other observations and celebrations.

I will assist you in designing a celebration or observation that fits you, your spiritual path, and your needs and desires.

elderly couple holding handsConscious Death and Dying Services, and Bereavement Counseling

In the process of death and dying – your own, or the death and dying process of a loved one –  you may find that you need support. I will support you and your family in the process grieving, letting go, and celebrating your loved one in the process of this transition.

For at-home deaths I can help you design a post-death ceremony for your intimate loved ones, ceremonies of transition, and a container for the death process.

I can help you and your family craft a celebration of life that is true to your spiritual path.