The Fivefold Goddess – An Intiation Cycle into a New Divine Feminine

The Fivefold Goddess:
An Initiation into a New Vision of the Divine Feminine520px-Five-fivefold-spirals-Pentaskelion-simpler.svg

A six-month, web-based course and initiation cycle

Begins October 14! Register here.
This six-month, web-based course is accessible from ANYWHERE.

In this six-month initiation cycle you will be introduced to five archetypal faces of the feminal divine, have opportunities to apply the archetypes to your own life, learn with and from your cohort as the do the same, and, should you chose to, perform rituals of initiation in each of Her five phases.

Many women feel the Maiden/Mother/Crone template of the Threefold Goddess, typical to many branches of Goddess spirituality and contemporary Paganism, is too limiting. Many of us have been trying to adapt a system based in biology to include more expressions of the feminal divine.

With the Fivefold Goddess, I present a radical alternative: a more inclusive, more complex, and more flexible model for our experience of our own divine nature. The fivefold model speaks to and for women who are seeking an archetypal system that offers a relationship with creative potential that exists beyond the primacy of our biology, and more easily – and importantly, more inclusively – encompasses and reflects the life experiences and phases of women.

The fivefold model is creative, fluid, and recognizes a cyclical flow that’s more natural to womanhood in our time. The faces and phases of the Fivefold Goddess relate to active currents in life that surge, shift, and spiral back again in the course of a lifetime.

This six-month long, online course includes:

  • Seven on-line gatherings: 1. A kick-off electronic face-to-face intro gathering – accessible by live computer video and voice interface AND/OR phone. 2. Five weekly group discussions and rituals of initiation – one initiation ritual per archetype. 3. The course will end with a closing gathering and group ritual of completion.
  • 24/7 access to an interactive, private, confidential discussion group/electronic community space peopled by your Fivefold Goddess cohort.
  • A sibling-system where you can be paired with a member of your cohort for one-on-one peer support.
  • Group and one-on-one support from Lasara.
  • Ongoing access to video recordings of our gatherings and rituals for your future use.
  • Access to a preview of Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality (Llewellyn Worldwide, projected publication June 2016).

* A copy of THE FIVEFOLD GODDESS FEMIFESTO COLLECTIBLE ZINE (see bottom of page for details)
* Entry in a drawing for a full length, hour long, one-on-one coaching session

Make your deposit NOW to save your seat in the cycle.
I offer an income based sliding scale; please pay according to your ability.

Please use these guidelines to decide which category you fit in:
Middle Income = $35001 – $50000 – all-inclusive registration rate: $399
Upper Income
= $50000 or more/year: all-inclusive registration rate: $499
Lower income = $35000 or less/year – all-inclusive registration rate: $299

Not ready to pay in-full? Contact me to set your personalized payment plan up NOW.

Deposit Rates

* The FIVEFOLD GODDESS FEMIFESTO COLLECTIBLE ZINE will come forth from the research into a wide variety of topics I’ve done while writing. It will include notes from the project, drawings (scribbles more like), pix, sigils, and a Fivefold Goddess Empowerment Femifesto. This will be a veritable treasure box of feminist spirituality propaganda, and will be limited in print run. Your copy will be personalized with some tidbits written into the margins just for YOU!


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