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The Sexy Witch Virtual Cohort Series, 2014 – Teleclass and Online Classroom!

Sexy WitchThe Sexy Witch Workshop Series


(LOCAL to the WILLITS AREA? Interested in a face-to-face series?


Enter in to a journey with a circle of sisters, wherever you are. Utilizing the amazing technological world of electronic connection, we will create a shared experience of sitting in circle. Together, we will work the path of Sexy Witch.

“For any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must.”
-Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.

The book Sexy Witch is part self-help guidebook, part self-esteem workbook, and part mystery initiation into the hidden secrets of Self Empowerment. Addressing self-referential sexual and spiritual power, Sexy Witch promises to bring you home to your deepest truth.

This eight-week course is based on the book Sexy Witch, and lead by author Lasara Firefox Allen.

“LaSara Firefox is a genius! You couldn’t ask for a better guide to take you on this emboldening and engaging adventure. Whether or not you consider yourself a witch, Sexy Witch is a fabulous book full of serious fun.”
-Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness.

In this course, you will:

•    Claim your body as your own territory.
•    Claim your sexuality through self-agency.
•    Look at and overcome condition that fosters disempowerment.
•    Complete exercises, magickal acts, and rituals that liberate and empower you.
•    Tear down old forms that aren’t serving you, and build new ones that do.
•    Examine our collective historical past as women, and heal through it.
•    Find empowerment through redefinition of self.

“I did the Sexy Witch teleclass series with Lasára a few years ago and the impact it had on my life, my view of myself and my whole world was and is still profound. Going through it with a group gave it power I don’t think would have come from working the book individually. I am blessed and so grateful that I had the opportunity to do the Sexy Witch group.
-Sage Fae Wolf, social worker, CA

Included in this interactive format:
•    Once-weekly teleclasses, PLUS interactive videocasting on spreecast, where you will have facetime with Lasara and your other circle-sisters. During weekly virtual gatherings, we discuss our process, progress, challenges, and realizations.
•    In between gatherings everyone does the work from the chapters of Sexy Witch. None of the exercises are compulsory, or required. You do the amount of work on each chapter that works for you. (Order your copy of Sexy Witch from me, and get it signed!:) )
•   An online fb-based classroom/living room so you can stay in touch with your circle sisters between weekly in-person circles.
•    You can have a Sexy Witch Sister with whom to share and receive support with as the course goes along. (If you don’t join with someone you’re already close with, I will match you up with another participant.)
•    Meditations in the book are available as recordings to those who take the course.

The course will culminate in a group initiation based on the final initiation in Sexy Witch, near the date of spring equinox, 2014. Teleclass gatherings will be Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific, followed by interactive webcasting  via spreecast for weekly facetime with Lasara and your circle sisters. Session starts January 27 and  completes March 24 (no class on Feb 17, due to PantheaCon!).

The rate for the entire 8-week course is $295. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $275! Seating is limited! Register ASAP.

Time commitment:

        There’s a once a week teleclass and intereactive videocast gathering on Mondays, from 6:30 until about 8:30 PM, Pacific time. The course runs for eight weeks.



Deposit, or early bird rate available. Register now!

Not familiar with Sexy Witch? Sexy Witchis Lasara’s best-selling book on women’s self-referential sexuality and empowerment. It was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2005. Sexy Witch is available in four languages, has been reviewed all over the globe, and has hit bestseller lists in two countries.

“This witty and smart, well-researched gem of a book has the power to transform the feminist movement at the radical roots – women’s bodies and their sexuality. For any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must. It will serve to liberate your sisters as well as the men and women who love them.”
-Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.


“I worked through Sexy Witch with Lasara and a small group of women in 2008, and am so happy I did! The work I did, and we did together, still reverberates in my life years later. My relationship with my body and my partner is richer and clearer, and I feel much more certain about my communication with my kids about what love and beauty is in the world. Lasara’s book is more than an educational read, it’s an experience offered to know yourself on very deep levels. To work through this material with Lasara herself is an experience not to be missed.”
-Durga Fuller –, nutrition expert, coach, and mom, OR

“Lasára’s insightful work with Sexy Witch will stimulate you to question the reality within which you have chosen to live. In accepting her invitation to the path of transformation you can discover a rich reality which exists within.”
-Liesl, O.T.O Priestess, CA

“I was in the last class and it’s so much more than the book… And the group got together weekly on the bridge line and brought very thought provoking discussions to the table.”
-Apolla, Financial Systems Consultant, VA


For more details, get in touch with me via facebook, or drop a note at

Notice; this may be the last time I offer the Sexy Witch series as a virtual experience.

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