tarot tent purple washAre you looking for a fresh idea for entertaining your guests? Call upon an ancient tradition! Your guests will be amazed to receive an authentic tarot reading at your event, and will be grateful for the gift.

Whether it’s your daughter’s Sweet 16, your wedding or anniversary, a holiday, a family reunion, gala, or a circus extravaganza, a tarot reader is sure to be a hit. Or, you may choose to have a private Tarot and Tea Party with a group of friends.

Why hire an actor to do a reader’s job, when you can offer the real deal? I’m a seasoned reader and Witch, and a bestselling Witchy author (Sexy Witch, Llewllyn Worldwide), with a flare for the ceremonially theatrical. Reading the cards is part of my path of service to the greater good, but there’s no reason not to dress it up and enjoy.

I can work i297775_10151013662701408_1328294886_nn a seated location and have curious querents come to me, or I can perform as a roving reader. I am also flexible with costuming, and will tailor my tailoring to fit your tone.

I can offer literally dozens of three card readings in an evening/night, or offer fewer more intensive, multiple card readings to special guests in your VIP area. Regardless of the length of the reading, all are given with depth, and I always seek a sweet, intimate connection with my querents.

Hire me for the evening, a day, or a whole weekend. My basic flat rate is $550 for up to three hours of continuous, roving or stationed, readings. Additional hours are $50 each. (Ideally by prior negotiation, but time permitting I can roll with the changes, and may be able to stay on as desired.) A weekend rate can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.*

I’m also available to vend at festivals, and to do contract work with agencies. If you’re a festival vending coordinator or an agency representative, contact me with details through the form below.

Blessed be!

* Travel expenses not included.

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