The Daily Card – Oct. 10, 2014 – Two of Air

The Daily Card

Oct. 10, 2014 – Two of Air

Erotic Tarot of Manara

FullSizeRender-2TRIGGER WARNING: rough sex, porn

So, I’m not a prude or anything…I mean, I don’t think I am? But a lot of “erotic” art doesn’t feel erotic to me. Manara’s work falls into this category for me; decidedly unerotic erotica.

On that note, I figured out recently what my favorite porn is. It’s porn where the people are naked, and having sex. Real sex. No shoes, no silly lace gloves. Makeup is minimal if used at all. And also, kinda average bodies. Like, I like the jiggle of flesh – I find I’m not into the bounce of fake boobs as much. I like real sounds, not over-acted porno sounds. I mean, loud is good. But, real loud. Sport fucking is good. If it’s real sport fucking.

(Faking the rough stuff often looks painful to me. The rough stuff, IMO, should be painful only in good ways.)

Dirty, raw, tender, sweet, wet, hard, silly, fun, sexy. That’s what I like. Barefoot. Like in real life.

(I mean, no offense to your shoe kink, though.)

So Manara’s aesthetic is totally out for me. This deck is going into the giveaway pile as of now. I have no idea why I still have it at all. I don’t even know where or when I got it!

That said, two of swords is a card I love. Air/swords. No swords in this deck. Odd, huh? See, I find swords a little bit erotic.

I don’t get a lot off the image except that she’s smiling. And the male figure looks kinda like an Oscar? But with a fedora and scarf? She is Giant and he is tiny? Is he chocolate?

Two of swords is a peaceful form of air. It’s a sweet, easy breath. It’s a pause. Calm in a storm. She looks like maybe a calm storm.

There you go. Now you know something about my erotic life…only because this erotic deck is so not erotic.


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