The Daily Card Oct. 15, 2014 – XIV – Temperance

The Daily Card

Oct. 15, 2014 – XIV – Temperance

Shadowscapes Tarot

IMG_4896I got a couple of new decks from Llewellyn, and I’m very excited. This deck is called Shadowscapes. It’s really a beautiful deck. The art is delicate, pretty, magical. The ink has a slightly silvery sheen, and the cards nearly glow.

Tonight I drew Temperance. It’s a good card to get. Sometimes we need to be reminded that times of hardship make us stronger, just like fire and water do to steel.

Sitting on a tree that reaches out over what is perhaps an occluded valley, an angelic being holds an orb of fire and water, commingled, balanced. Dynamic and alive. Above the orb extends a water dragon, wrapped in glowing light. fire and water spin off to the sides. There is a suggestion of fractals.

The magick is working her, and she is working the magick. Like life. We are working it as we are worked by it. Sometimes we are more worked than working. But even at those times, our resolution is being made more solid.

In the abyss, all things are possible.


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