The Daily Card, Oct. 4, 2014 – The Star

The Daily Card

October 4, 2014 – XVII – The Star

Visconti Tarot – Major Arcana

IMG_4631Today the deck I grabbed from my bag was the Visconti Tarot, Major Arcana deck that my lovely Mr. gave me for my birthday back in May. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with this deck since it is a majors-only deck (whereas the deck linked above is the full deck, available from Llewellyn Worldwide). The cards are so amazingly beautiful though. I really do love them.

The card I pulled was The Star. She is standing on the ground, reaching for the stars. A star is lowering itself into her grasp.

I love the imagery of being grounded and reaching for the stars. It reminds me of the end of a piece I wrote, which closed; “I choose to raise my beautiful, strong, self-aware and loving children with their feet on the ground, and their hands reaching for the stars that glow in a future of their own making.”

Her cloak is adorned with stars, her dress with what appears to be torches. Yet in contrast to the bright and dazzling aspects of her garb, her dress is a calm blue, and she’s standing in a green landscape.

She dwarfs the mountains behind her. (On the shoulders of giants.)

Her face is dour though, or a little forlorn? I know that this is due to the stylistic renderings of the deck, but since this is the card I am reading, and this is the deck it is from, it bears mentioning.

I will take it as a caution; be grateful for the stars that are within reach. It doesn’t all have to be quite so onerous.

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