The Daily Card, Oct. 6 2014 – XIII; Death/Transformation

The Daily Card

Oct. 6, 2014 – XIII – Death/Transformation

Lover’s Path Tarot

IMG_4683Ok, you know that whole Mercury retrograde thing? I didn’t get yesterday’s card posted yet. Third time is a charm? Bummer, because what I already had written was gold. Well, it’s all part of the Magick. So let’s see what is there to be said with this rewrite, shall we?

Last night was the full moon and eclipse in Aries. The card I drew was perfect, even at first sight. It is Death, in this deck called transformation. The image is of Pluto, aka Hades, and Persphone.

The energy of this moon is facing our fears in order to be liberated. Embracing our monsters so that we can be free of the limitations of believing that the experiences that have brought us here are anything other than that; the experiences that have brought us here.

We are born to ourselves anew through disruption.

The story of Hades and Persephone is the perfect one to illustrate this, and resonates with me in a deep way. I am part of the Mysteries of Eleusis, and they are part of me. The story of The Abduction is one I know intimately.

This is a teaching tale, and it is more than that. It is a story that calls out the process of loss and recovery from loss, torn innocence and innocence reclaimed.

This is a story we all know intimately, whether aware of it or not. We have each been tempered by the occurance of grievous assault, and the process of recovery.

In the card, He is seated on his throne, and looking down. He cradles a pomegranate in His hands. In the background, She is gazing at Him. I read acceptance, recognition, and even curiosity in Her expression.

I know this moment well. So do you. That moment when you come to terms with your injury, and begin the process of healing. The moment of realizing that you may not have had choice in the rending situation that brought you to where stand, but you have choice now.

This moon has been hard on me. It has been so for many.

Now to the healing. Loving is the end of war.

P.S. In the all is well that ends well category; yes, something was lost in  losing the prior write up. The Mystery has its own way of holding silence. What I say here will be known by the knowing.


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