The Daily Card Oct. 9, 2014 – XIX – The Sun

The Daily Card

Oct. 9, 2014 – XIX – The Sun

Transformational Tarot

FullSizeRender-1I have had this deck for probably twenty years, and haven’t used it in maybe ten. But I grabbed it tonight since I didn’t want to loop back through my decks yet, and I’m slowly running out of originals.

An aside on that note; soon I will know how many decks I actually own. (I’m open to owning more though! If you want to buy me a deck, or send me your own to review, I will happily accept. 🙂 As a matter of fact I’m creating an Amazon list for just this purpose; tarot decks that I would love to read with!)

As I start working the cards, I find that the reason I haven’t used this deck is because it has some tender memories attached. And, in the acknowledgment of the recent eclipse and all the Big Energy, I think it is worth it to reclaim our lost parts.

Even the decks we’ve hung on to, but haven’t wanted to pick up.

Well, here I am. Picking up the deck. And the deck is really beautiful.

I draw The Sun – XIX. This card is gorgeous. It looks to me that the Sun here is the sun, as in The Christ. His face is framed by gold, and surrounded by rays. His head floats, bodiless, above a verdant garden, bursting with sunflowers. There is a domicile in the distance, and there are children playing in the dirt road that runs through the field.

He looks placid. They look playful. And the field is riotous.

The front of the card is braced by two tall trees. This reminds me of the Priestess card, with Her columns. A doorway between worlds.

This is what is given when we reclaim lost parts. Light, life, love, joy, safety.


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