The Daily Card, October 1, 2014 – Two of Disks

The Daily Card

Oct. 2, 2014 – Two of Disks

The Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot



This is my inaugural post on my new tarot blog; The Daily Card. I will be drawing a card a day every weekday, from a different deck each time, for a full year.

Today I drew the Two of Pentacles, aka, disks, aka Earth. The image is of a healthy little toddler holding a cat. The little one has another cat by their (gender neutral they) feet. In the background is the opening of a cave – as though we are within the cave. Beyond the mouth of the cave lies an environment like the North American southwestern desert; rocks and crags and canyons.

In the foreground, where the babe sits on the ground, there are flowers and green plants growing. It’s not lush, but it is living. The kiddo and the cats are in a safe space, sheltered and protected from the harsher elements outside.

Who needs more than cats and cuddles, and roof over the head?

I pull in the awareness that twos are to me cards of balance and contentment. A sweet spot to start out from.


IMG_4600And, because this is the beginning, I draw a second card…

and I find The Fool! Of course I do. Because the cards are like that. A beginning like this needs The Fool.

Though I have worked with this deck quite a bit, I have not seen this card before. As a rule I don’t familiarize myself with all the cards in a deck. I like the fluid nature that arises from the intuitive relationship with the cards as they appear familiar.

This Fool is different than any Fool I have seen. The image is of a flying contraption. It brings to mind Icarus. There is a fortress to the right, and a body of water to the left. The only way out is up. And so the Fool flies.

Perhaps it’s not the safest option, but it is the most freeing. Given the choice of confinement or risk, I choose to take flight.


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