The Daily Card, October 6, 2014 – Prince of Disks

The Daily Card

October 6, 2014 – Prince of Disks

Crowley-Harris Thoth Deck

IMG_4637Under the wire!

It’s Monday, and I went out to an awesome date with my Mr. tonight. We had an excellent time with a group of friends, playing a sex positive game (well, the Mr. and I actually facilitated that part of the evening), and then witnessing a fantastic performer, Rachel Lark, perform sweet, rauchy, sweaty, sexy songs. Lots of belly laughs, and a couple gasps of awe, and a few uncomfortable wiggles. Mostly though, amazing wow voice and so exhilarating lyrics! Get her CD now. You will not be disappointed.

Now to the card. Prince of Disks. This one is out plowing the fields. Very Taurean. He is investing the concentration required to bring forth the fruits of the land. And the soil is rich with it. Fecund. Flowers are bursting forth in the background (Rachel sang about flower sex, by the way), and there are seeds and grain and cells and ova and sperm and gold in the ground.

For the first time I see this card not as solitary and shoulder-to-the-stone, but more as an intimate relationship with the land. He is not alone. He is grounded deep in Her.

Thanks, sex positive night. You’ve made my heart a little bit more open. Aww!



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