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sun-danceIn Jailbreaking the Goddess: the Initiation, we will follow her five faces deep into the process of individual and collective undoing, and then start again, weaving from a space more co-creative, more conscious, more integrated. Together we will come to know her five faces intimately, and thus know ourselves in new ways. We will do magicks large and small, and examine the ways in which our Work informs our daily work and works, and we will dig deep under the foundation of patriarchy to uncover the root of the deep knowing at the core of what is, through this radical revisioning, being revealed.

Are you craving a space where you can dive more deeply into your spiritual process? Are you longing for a circle of sisters who will hold you in your process? Are you breaking into pieces? Are you spiraling and unspiraling, releasing and shifting, creating space and time within which to find your center? Are you READY to grow into and through your emerging edge?

If you are a serious seeker of the important truths and revelations who is ready to be part of this experience, SIGN ON NOW!

You have two payment options:

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In our seven months together, we will:
•    Immerse ourselves in the fluid, nonlinear, multivalent, rich, beautiful complexity of a fivefold model for the feminal divine
•    Experience opportunities for feminal empowerment, experience, and honoring
•    Conjure the space and framework in which to experience these five aspects of the divine feminal in you and as you,  us and through us: the fivefold goddess allows new ways of knowing, encountering, interacting with, serving, and working with the feminal divine. Femella – the child, Potens – the powerful, Creatrix – the maker, Sapientia – the wise one, and Antiqua – the old one offer us opportunities to know and understand the divine feminal current, to understand women as complex conduits of the divine, and to see ourselves reflected in goddesses who are born to this new aeon
Women-holding-hands-Sunrise-silhouette-e1402287866849•    Help you to claim your body as your OWN, free of concepts of biological and sexual utility – you will come home to the full awareness that you are more than your biology. Your uterus is not public property. Your sexuality is not for other people. In the trajectory of this course you will come to know these truths in a radical and abiding way.
•    Hold a strong container of (non-gender-specific) sisterhood – a cauldron of changes – which will house our psychological, spiritual, personal and collective transformation
•    Reveal and acknowledge the overculture/dominant culture values that form the foundation of our development in both our interpersonal and intrapersonal development
•    Find our roots in the rich loam of ancient, timeless, fertile soil that exists under and outside of contemporary structures of socialization
•    Create a dedicated, shared, virtual space within which we will confront, deconstruct, and move through ideologies and patterns of action that reinforce disempowerment
•     Find deep transformation in the process of releasing, centering, and renewing

SIGN ON NOW if you are READY to commit to this Work!
You have two payment options:

CLICK HERE to make one payment of $777
Click here to commit to seven installments of $123

Things you should know about Jailbreaking the Goddess: the initiation before you commit to this Work (and play):999961_645633855472233_2032444184_n

  1. This work is deep. The potential for transformation here goes all the way to the root. In order to grow you must let go of old beliefs, habits, and patterns that are holding you back. Are you ready?
  2. Our circle is inclusive of all women and gender nonconforming people. Inclusive in this case means people of all genders except for male are welcome. If you are not comfortable with inclusivity, this space is not for you. But if you have been looking for this space, then WELCOME! <3
  3. We hold a “safer spaces” agreement together in order to maximize the growth potential and minimize the possibility of interaction-based trauma. Our circle will be a space where we create safety with a mind toward the social ills instilled by patriarchy – homophobia, transphobia, racism, male supremacy. Living within the patriarchy as we all do, there is always the chance of transgression. Part of creating safer spaces is agreeing to protocols for addressing said transgressions. Safer space must be created with active participation from all participants. If you do not trust yourself as capable of agreeing with us to hold safer space, then this circle is not for you. But if you have been looking for a spiritual circle with a safer spaces container, you have found it. Welcome.

I look forward to diving deep in our work together!beachplay6_hand-stamped-jewelry

The course includes:
•    Two interactive, confidential, sacred, sometimes silly, face to face, online gatherings per month (via Zoom) – a total of 14 live, online gatherings
•    14 workbooks designed to help you make the most of each gathering
•    Video recordings of gatherings
•    Audio recordings of gatherings
•    24/7, confidential, safe, strong online group space available for updates, process, support, sharing pix, prayers, rituals, discussing rough spots and breakthroughs in our personal and collective Works
•    Recorded visualizations for rituals
•    Access to the Jailbreaking the Goddess manuscript as soon as you sign up
•    BONUS: two 30-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions (via the Zoom platform) to be used during the course to support your personal work
•   PLUS recordings – both video and audio – of those sessions
•    AND MORE to be revealed

Our gathering schedule:

March 1 – Intro
March 15 – Diving In
March 29 – Femella
April 12 – Femella
April 26  – Potens
May 10 – Potens
May 24 – Creatrix
June 7 – Creatrix
June 21  – Sapientia
July 5 – Sapientia
July 19  – Antiqua
August 2– Antiqua
August 16 – Closing Materials
August 30  – Final Ritual

garota feliz na praia

The Bottom Line:
You know me.  And you know the work. You have already taken in, internalized, and moved in accordance with the spiritual self-revelations and personal epiphanies that are present in my teachings. You know the deep and transformative value of the journey I am dedicated to guiding you on.

SIGN ON NOW if you are serious about committing to
the this growth!
CLICK HERE to make one payment of $777
Click here to commit to seven installments of $123

Join me.

I look forward to going ever deeper with you.

Love and power,
– Lasara

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