This Black Moon is a great time to release!

We have a black moon coming up on September 30th.What is a black moon? Well, like a blue moon is the second full moon in a month, a black moon is the second dark/new moon to happen in a month. While I don’t really recall hearing much about this phenomena in my upbringing, I can see how a second time in one calendar month would maybe double the fun.

So, while a black moon sounds pretty edgy perhaps, there is power in darkness. With consciousness, “…this New Moon is able to neutralise a fiery environment and carries a very potent balancing energy.” Seems like a good time to use the energy of the time for some conscious release.

fire-1080084Simple releasing magick:

1. Make or find a thing that symbolizes the thing you want/need to release. Make sure the thing is burnable and environmentally safe.

2. Charge it up. Tears, spit, blood, magicks, dirt, etc.

3. Safely burn it to ash in your cauldron or a large, fire-safe bowl or empty. ceramic or other safe planter/pot.

4. Put the ash in water moving away from you (stream, river, toilet, sink), and let it go.

When I do releasing magick, I allwo the fire to transform and release any emotions before letting the ash go. Thus, the concept of neutralization fits right in for me.

While this moon cycle seems a particularly auspicious time to practice this magick, you can really perform this simple ritual anytime. Repeat as needed.

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