laughing with stars

Upcoming Courses, including the first ever Fivefold Goddess Initiation Cycle!

laughing with stars

Photo by Jeff Weston. Thanks, Jeff! (Effects and filters by me. Can’t blame him for that! 😉 )

Hi, friend!

Until the past couple of days, I’ve been kinda quiet for a little bit. I was busy with the living of life and honoring of death. And now I’m back!

It’s been quite a year for me. I was pretty wiped out for a bit there. So I gave myself some time off from teaching. It was nice. I let some dust settle, let some light in.

With this Witches’ New Year marking  a portentous turning, I’m feeling inspired. Tied more deeply to my roots, more clear on what I want to see in the near future.

And I made some vows. They shall remain half hidden, half revealed for the time being. By Witch eye!

As usual, I have many irons in the fire. I am learning how to handle them with a rhythm that beats more like a steady heart – my heart, on a good day.

Yes, working on my working being more like my heart beating. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it’s the The Work itself.

In the rhythm of things I turn the wheel, setting things back in motion.

As you may have seen, I have a few classes coming up. I have my on-line classes planned out December – early April. Starting with Happy Healthy Winter Holidays – a course that will offer opportunities to reinvest the season with intention and fun, to commit to community and family time, and to take care of yourself in the process.

Holiday candles Wallpaper__yvt2Then in January, the second round of 21 Days to BODYLOVE. The first round was so powerful, that some of our BODYLOVE alumni will be coming back for a second round. (Sign up now (or before Thanksgiving) and get the early reg rate of $150 at SquareUp. Use the code “GRATITUDE=$49OFF” at checkout.)

In the end of February I will be offering The Fivefold Goddess – An Initiation Cycle into a New Divine Feminine. I’m incredibly excited about this, and have a hunch that a book may be in the works. Because 1., yes, I feel ready for that. And 2., I think the time is right for this one, as do the women I have talked to about it.

The Fivefold Goddess speaks to and for women who are looking for an archetypal system that offers a relationship with creative potential that exists beyond our biology, and more easily encompasses and reflects the life experiences and phases of women. This new initiation cycle will be fresh, transformational, and a doorway into claiming a wider spectrum of woman-beingness. An early reg bonus of $50 off is available through winter solstice, when you register at squareup and use the code “SOLSTICEGODDESS” By Dec 21.

So yes, I have a number of courses coming up. As always, I want to make them affordable to everyone. And as opposed to the way that marketers tell us too do, I’m telling you about all of them NOW. Payment plans are available, and the early reg bonuses above. AND, if you want to participate in all three courses, we can create a payment plan for 21 Days and The Fivefold Goddess, and I will gift you registration in the Happy Healthy Winter Holidays course. For free.

In addition to all of this, I have some special events for my local ladies. My New Moon WOMANifestation circles are happening nearly every month. AND, I am planning a New Year’s Day Tarot and Tea party in my home. Stay tuned for details. (And I am booking for holiday parties in your home or at your event too!)

And, If you live farther away, we can do coaching and tarot readings via Skype or pretty much any video interface.

Happy New Year to you, of the Witches’ variety that is. And may your coming season of light in the darkness be blessed with love, support, family, community, and joy.

All love,


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