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Values at the Core

will not fuck withIn an effort to boost my sales, and to gather info to pass along to my clients, I’ve have been participating in a bunch of “6-7 figure” webinars and classes lately. Some of it has been interesting, but the most valuable thing that this endeavor has delivered for me is clarity. Thanks to a bunch of intensely salesy folks trying to convince me that I too can “live the dream,” I have been able to get really clear on some things that just do not sit right with me, and a few things that really, really do.
One thing I’m abundantly clear on: I’m not sure that my dream is the same as the dream presented in the glossy presentations and slick, tricky words. I feel pretty damn certain that my biggest, deepest, most dear dream consists of me never stepping out of integrity in order to land a conversion.
I’m grateful for the hours spent (not wasted) on webinars full of techniques I will never use. Those hours spent have brought me solidly back to my core. So, from my core to yours, here are some promises. They stem from my core values of sustainability and accessibility.
As your (prospective) coach, I will not fuck with your sense of self.
You know, this seems like a thing that should be a given. But it’s not! There are some unscrupulous folk out there presenting themselves as coaches. So let me make it explicit. Here are some ways I will not fuck with you:
  • I will never encourage you to go into credit card or loan debt in order to afford my programs.

  • I will not guilt you into signing on. (That old, “If you really believed in your work,” line is so grating and demeaning. The fact that you are looking into coaching or courses is proof enough that you believe in your work.)
  • If you are committed to the work, I will work with you to create an affordable payment plan, partial barter, or work trade situation that works for both of us.
  • I will not overload you with “extras” that you can’t keep up with, and then blame your lack of keeping up with the material for lack of movement.
  • I will not shame you for your “blocks” or “mindsets.”
As your coach, I WILL support you in working from your core values.
Core ValuesOne would hope that all coaches would offer this promise. However, many coaches seem to feel that it’s their job to retrain your values. I would never do that unless you first requested that we focus on values work, and if we agreed to do the work together of values transformation. In which case, we could do that, and effectively.
I honestly love doing values work. But it is not a thing to trifle with, or even to engage consciously with without full, conscious consent. Without your permission that category of work veers severely into the unethical.
So instead of fucking with your values, I will support you in defining them, and then working from them. No bullshit: your core values are where your power comes from. Let’s work to make sure they are aligned, tuned up, and that you are moving forward from your absolute, powerful, glorious core. Here are some promises from mine:
  • I will give you action steps that will help you to keep moving forward.
  • I will chat things out with you between sessions.
  • I will treat you exactly the same, whether you are paying the full amount up front, are on a payment plan, are working a partial trade, or are on scholarship.
  • I will help you find solutions within your budget – I will not pressure you into high dollar-amount solutions that will deplete you.
  • I will share all my low-dollar amount hacks so you can do cool things with low investment.
  • I will help you to shape your business to fit your personal values. The family comes before work? And so they should! Family night is sacred? Good. Your mental health requires certain habits? It’s awesome that you know that. Let’s start there, and work to maintain your core values at The Core of your work.

Ready to sign on? Let’s do it. I have two openings RIGHT NOW! Grab one today.


14123953_10154463593486100_707007055_o“Lasara’s direct and intuitive approach to goal setting and task management have been extremely motivating for me and have helped me to create a plan for getting my massage business tracking the way I would like to see it. In addition, she took the added time to help me work through any blocks that came up along the way, teaching me tools that I can use in the future should I encounter areas of difficulty.

Lasara also encouraged me to start budgeting personally as one of the steps to getting my business finances on track, and that has helped me with setting personal financial goals (getting out of debt, building good credit, starting a savings.) I can honestly say that without that nudge from her I would not be using the tools I am now to better my position financially, which will in turn allow me to invest more dollars into my business.

Since beginning my work with Lasara six weeks ago, I have partnered with a graphic designer to rebrand my business, launched a new website, and created a solid plan for generating leads as well as added some useful skills for client retention.

The time and money invested in coaching with Lasara has already more than paid for itself. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing some guidance or an extra push in the right direction! ”
– Omy Keyes, Entrepreneur, NM

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