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Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

poly and kink friendly professional with heartsI’ve recently had a few folks ask me what coaching is. I have taken the time to answer each of them individually, AND, I know that if some are asking, others are wondering. So here’s some info that may help you decide whether coaching is for you.

Would you choose to go to a massage therapist, or a chiropractor? Would you rather go to a naturopath or an allopathic doctor? I choose BOTH. I go to each as needed. In addition to that, I have an osteopathic doctor who I love and who helps me beyond measure.

My point is, why choose only ONE mode of healing, when there are so many amazing options out there?

Traditional therapists are sometimes the best choice. This may be true especially in cases of mental health crisis, support during dramatic life changes (loss of a relationship, death of a loved one), and mental health treatment plan adherence.

On the other hand, if you’re like me, you have at times worked with therapists and had it really not help at all. Perhaps their training wasn’t the best for your needs, or perhaps the outcomes and objectives of your work together were not well-formed.

For my own personal care and well-being, working with a therapist is something I sometimes feel the need for. And when I do, finding the right provider is essential. But regardless of whether I’m working with a therapist at a given time or not, I always have at least one coach I’m working with. Working with the right coach helps me to keep my soul, goals, and daily life aligned in a way that most traditional therapy modalities were not designed to do.

Here are some reasons you would want to hire a coach instead of a therapist:

1. Coaching is goal oriented. Instead of talking it out (you know you can talk it out for hours and end up right where you started), we focus on creating easeful, sustainable, profound forward momentum.

2. Your coach is not going to judge your choices. Instead a good coach will point your choices – and choice-making strategies – out to you, and assist you in evaluating how those choices are serving you.

3. If your coach offers NLP-based modalities, your coach knows that you are the one who has the only truly valid answers to your own questions. The only lasting solutions to your conflicts will come from within.  An NLP trained coach will know how to elicit those solutions, and help you build upon your own answers.

4. If your coach is versatile in her modalities, your coach will be able to match you and offer a coaching style that fits you. If you want a softer, more intuitive approach, a well-trained coach can give you that. If you want a task master approach, a versatile coach will be able to step into that too. If you are not sure what style will sit with you best, a well-trained coach will be able to intuit what will work best, and will seek confirmation from you along the way.

Why you would want to hire ME as your coach:

1. I have an excellent track record. In my ten+ years as a coach I’ve seen clients embrace healthy self-acceptance, find integrity and internal alignment, integrate healthy choices, totally revolutionize relationships, dramatically shift work realities, create more resourceful habits and patterns, embrace sexual healing, address issues of self-worth, and so much more. (See my testimonials here.)

2. I have tons of training, and I use it all the time. Over the years I have invested vast amounts of time, money, and energy in training with the brightest in the field to become adept at NLP. My training in NLP and other modalities included me mastering a set of skills that allows me to help people get through trauma, blocks, and limiting beliefs in order to heal, strategize, and move forward.

In addition to extensive training in NLP, I have a diverse set of other modalities I use in my coaching sessions, from cognitive behavioral techniques to Witchy magic. I’m an ordained clergy member, a strong magick worker, a Witch, an intuitive. All of these skill sets makes coaching with me a unique experience.

It all comes down to the question, WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?

I don’t have a master’s degree from an accredited university (yet), but I put a comparable number of years, hours, and dollars into my training. I did my training outside of the standard schooling arena. Working outside the standard system to me was a better fit for many reasons. All of which, coincidentally, make me a better coach than I might have been otherwise.

3. I’m alternative-lifestyle-friendly. You’re kinky? Awesome. Poly? Me too. Queer? Yep. I am also a believer in fat rights, body positivity, sex positivity. And I’m strongly feminist.

4. I have a deep and personal understanding of invisible illnesses, chronic pain, and neurodiversity.

5. I am an expert in the field of sexual and relational education. I have professional training and years of experience teaching and coaching on sexual and relational topics.

6. I only take clients I feel like I can truly help. I take on clients who want to do the work, are ready to dive in and move through it, and are dedicated to the process of their own healing. I only take on clients who elicit a solid, full-body “YES!” for me.

I expect my clients only to sign on with me if they feel a solid yes, too.

Please note:

Not all life coaches have undertaken the amount of training that I have. Some have, some haven’t. Not all coaches have the years of practice under their belts that I do. And just like with any profession there are some good and some bad practitioners. And, some practitioners will be a good fit for you, and some will not.

But, just because coaches don’t have the usual letters after our names (my full designation is MPTNLP – master practitioner trainer NLP – though I go with MPNLP – master practitioner nlp – if I use anything at all, but mostly I don’t) isn’t any reason to disregard a whole professional category. We are building a new world, right? A new time, with new needs, and new answers.

Some things people can do to see whether a coach is legit or not is to ask what their training is, get references, get a feel for what they have to offer. Check rates. Comparison shop. Evaluate your needs and the services being offered.

Coaching is not an inexpensive option, but it is truly an investment that has life-changing potential.

Ready to book your free, no-strings-attached, 20-minute introductory coaching session?

It’s the best way to see if we’re compatible.

Drop me a note, and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours to schedule your intro session.

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