Winter Holy Days WitchCrafting with Lasara Firefox Allen – Family Friendly

Come spend the day WitchCrafting! Together we will create magickal talismans, artworks, spells, and other charged artfacts.

Our time together will begin with a circle of intention so that we can create our crafts in a dedicated and consecrated magickal space, and will culminate in a charging ritual to invest all of our creations with magickal energy and intention.

The crafting focus will be on creating magickal items for the winter season. Themes that may resonate for you: ABUNDANCE, PROTECTION, LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, WARMTH, HEALTH, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, SELF-NURTURANCE.

The magickal items you craft during our time together may be for your own altars or magickal practice, or you may be creating gifts for loved ones to offer at Yule.

My own WitchCrafting focus for this event will be on creating and charging traditional seasonal gifts, such as magickally invested candles, spell sachets, magickal solstice cider sachets, charged up and decorated Yule twigs and logs to feed to the ceremonial fires, hang on the yule tree, or go on the solstice alter, and whatever other winter blessing items I feel inspired to move toward.yulelogentry

(If you want to also participate in this focus let me know, and I will get details to you about what specific items you will want to have at hand.)

You are also welcome to come prepared to create your own WitchCrafting project and work on it in our sacred, dedicated space.

You bring:
* Items needed to complete your craft projects.
* Art supplies as desired.
* Finger food snacks to share.

I will provide:
* Facilitation of interactive magickal process.
* Dedicated space for our WitchCrafting – sheets on the floor, a tarped space on a solid floor for use of water colors, etc
* Some art supplies – please bring yours too!
* My Magickal Winter Solstice cider (I will also have magickal seasoning sachets with my proprietary spell for Yuletide blessing on your home and family available. These are available at extra cost.)
* Some seasonal cookies for nibbling on.

Note: This event is family friendly, AND, still a focused process of magickal Work and play. Kids who are interested in Magickal Workings, AND, are able to respect shared and personal space, take instruction, and help create and maintain the magickal circle are welcome to attend. If your kid fits this description you are welcome to bring them.

When and Where:
Sunday, December 13, 2015

Private Home in Brooktrails, Willits, CA
Address Upon Registration

Sliding scale donation requested: $25 – $125 for this fun and sacred four hour playshop and ritual. Please donate according to your level of affluence/income/ability. Remember that you offering more makes it easier for me to allow community members who have no funds to attend too. (If you want to sponsor someone you can easily donate the price of two registrations. Just send me a note by clicking here and specify whether placement of your sponsorship is left to my discretion or if you have a beneficiary in mind.)

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