Witches’ New Year Visioning Ceremony and Manifestation Ritual with Lasara Firefox Allen – Nov 1, 2015

Witches’ New Year Visioning Ceremony and Manifestation Ritual

Sunday November 1, 2015 – 2 PM
Brooktrails, Willits, CA – register below for address.

Ready to magick your coming year into being?
Let’s clear out the old and commit to the new in this Witches’ New Year ritual!

Calling on the energy of the tarot and our own spiritual practices, we will perform simple rituals of release, visioning, and oath-making. The ritual will culminate in a group reading that will give us a “weather report” or sorts for the coming rotation of the earth around the sun.

With the veils thin and our guides close, we will make commitments and enlist support from the unseen world in creating movement toward our truest expression of divine Will.

Bring your journal and writing implements, some simple arts supplies, or other items that inspire your conceptualization process, a pillow for floor sitting and for reclining meditation, a blanket for comfort and coziness, and shoes that are easy-on easy off and outside-friendly.

If you would like to hang out afterward for a while, you may also bring finger foods for snacking post ritual.

Register for address – income-based sliding scale, $15 – $50.
Click the “donate” button below and pay according to your income level.

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