Women; Are You Ready to Embrace the Red Queen?

attachment-3 Women;

Have you ever…
* Felt judged by other women for the way your are in the world; dress, choice of lovers, lifestyle, sexual conduct?
* Wondered if a female friend was a real friend, or a “frenemy”?
* Called another women (or women in general) “catty”?
* Felt constrained by a lack of shared language around competition between women?
* Been told by another woman, or other women, that your behaviors were inappropriate?
* Lowered your standards of behavior in order to stay friends with another woman, or women in your life?
* Hidden your power, or made yourself smaller, to avoid ostracization from the community of women?
* Felt abandoned by a woman, or women, in your life?

Have you ever…
* Wondered what might be possible if you were to actively participate in healing our collective “wounded feminine”?
* Longed for closer relationships with women?
* Believed that achieving ease and trust in our relationships as women is possible?
* Attempted to create healthier, more supportive relationships with women?
woman-hiding-in-abandoned-room-jill-battaglia* Desired a container for complete honesty in a circle of women?
* Wanted to heal yourself through the healing of your relationships with women?
* Dreamed a of a circle of women who are ready and willing to show up exactly as they (we) are?

Consider coming to my Embracing the Red Queen workshops and retreat. The work is deep, and it is time. Time to face the shadow of our collective woman wounds. Through healing ourselves, and participating in the healing of our web of women, we heal the world.

Visit www.EmbracingtheRedQueen.com for details, or PM me.

All love.

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